Conference announcement: Data for History 2021 – Modelling Time, Places, Agents

From May 19 to June 30, 2021, the Data for History consortium, an international community that aims to improve the interoperability of historical data on the semantic web, together with the Chair of Digital History and the Laboratoire de Recherche Historique Rhône-Alpes, will host the virtual conference Data for History 2021: Modelling Time, Places, Agents via Airmeet.

With three keynotes, around 30 paper presentations, a poster session and a final panel discussion, the conference will focus on the exchange of current ideas and practices regarding the modelling of time, space and agents as historical data. A topic that is all the more important since we are currently at a turning point in historical research:

The change from a primarily analogue based to a primarily digital based working context requires a major reconsideration of the very foundations of our field and our sources. This issue is particularly evident in the context of converting analogue information into digital data. Fundamental decisions are made in this process, the results of which determine not only the reliability of the representation of primary sources, but also the reusability of these data in the future.

The decisions made today in the area of data modeling, for example, will profoundly shape and influence the kind of research that will or will not be feasible tomorrow. The challenge is, thus, to make choices in such a way that the highest possible degree of data reusability and sustainability can be guaranteed, while respecting the particular source modelled as well as the specific nature of historical data, such as ambiguity, uncertainty, incompleteness, and change over time.

The Data for History 2021 conference, being the first of its kind, aims not only to provide exchange opportunities for these and similar questions and issues, but above all to provide a long-term opportunity for all those researching and working in this field to come together as a community.


The conference Data for History 2021: Modelling Time, Places, Agents is open to all those interested.

19 May – 30 June 2021, each Wednesday afternoon
Airmeet conference platform
For information on the program and abstracts, please visit the Data for History 2021 conference website.
Free of charge via Airmeet conference platform




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